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User Agreement

User agreement

After accepting the terms of this agreement  user can put Files in wide access to the Site following the terms and conditions of this Agreement, loading each photo. The right to access and using the content of the Site 1ua.photos is provided to the User after the User accepts all terms, conditions and terms of the Agreement. If for any reason the User does not agree with these provisions and does not accept the terms of the Agreement, he / she has no right to access the site and use its resources.

Basic provisions.

The User does not have the right to transfer, sell, publish, move, reproduce, modify or process the materials of the Site or use them in any other similar manner, in part or in general. Exceptions are cases where the permission for such actions is clearly set forth in this Agreement or in any other agreement, which takes effect from the moment the Site began to be used.

User: This is the Supplier or Buyer.

Website: The website of the 1ua.photos company is a resource that may contain or directly contain files, information, software, illustrations, photographs and similar files that are the subject of copyright, trademark or service mark, or which are subject to under the influence of other identical or related rights of 1ua.photos, its subdivisions, subsidiaries or associates or other third parties, including other users of the Site.

File: photo, vector image, video or any other content presented on the Site, as well as descriptive information and other necessary documentation (eg Model License or Owner).

Supplier: An individual or legal entity that is the author or owner of all rights to the Files that he or she delivers to the Site for display, transfer or sale to Buyers.

Fee: money transferred to the Supplier for the sold Files.

Payout threshold: This is the minimum amount of the Supplier's Fees that may be charged to it.

Buyer: The physical or legal person who buys the File.

License: A document that determines the rights to use the file by the Buyer.

File price: the price charged by the Supplier for the original file size for each License. The site will calculate the price for smaller file sizes automatically.

Supplier Level: This is the level that 1ua.photos assigns to the Supplier, depending on the number of his files loaded on the Site or for a extracharge.

Subscription: A way to buy a photo that allows the buyer to buy the files in a package and for a certain time.


The user confirms his agreement that the user’s identification process is performed in order to provide him or her with access to his user profile and access control operations to the materials of the Site. The username (login) and password chosen by the User is a confidential information. The user is aware of the need not to disclose this information and undertakes to keep it secret, not to disclose, transmit, or offer its personal data to third parties.

The user acknowledges his agreement that he / she, as the owner of the login and access password, is responsible for every fact of access to the content of the site using the specified login and password. The user also understands and agrees that 1ua.photos recognizes the introduction of his / her login and password as a certificate and the undisputed evidence that the user has access to the materials of the Site.


The user confirms that he / she does not intend to use the Site's files for any illegal or otherwise inappropriate purpose. Therefore, the User undertakes to avoid improper use of the files received from the Site, including the following:

• Insults, intimidation, harassment or violation of the rights to protect third-party information or other site users;

• Placing, downloading, publishing, displaying, distributing malicious, shameful or offensive content, including crap, obscene, rough, or illegal images and other files;

• Transmissions, forwarding, downloading or distributing in any other way, or assistance or participation in the distribution of files or elements of the code including, contain or consist of software elements or any other materials protected by the laws of intellectual property or copyright, and any other related means of protecting the rights (including the rights to privacy), except in cases where the User owns or manages such rights or has all the necessary rights to do so. or permits;

• Transmit, forward, download, or distribute in any other way, or assistance or participation in the distribution of files or elements of a program containing malware (such as viruses) that may cause a malfunction or a complete failure of the software. or hardware equipment on other computers;

• Removing, clearing, cutting or hiding in any other manner any copyright attributes, tags, symbols or information of a legal nature on any files downloaded by the User;

• Falsification or forgery of data about the original source of any materials posted on the Site;

• Advertising or selling of any products or services, as well as placing on the Site any information that is not directly related to the specialization of the resources of the Site (for example, surveys, advertisements, and spamming);

• Downloading or saving on the Site any files or programs, if the User knows that they are illegal, can not or should not be legally distributed in this way;

• Use of any features of the Site, including the sending of messages to other users of the Site, for advertising purposes, in order to distribute its referral links, promotion of their files, goods, services and any activities, both related and not related to the work of the site;

• Use of any information obtained on or through the Site for the creation of software, resources or programs that directly or indirectly compete with the activities of 1ua.photos.

The user agrees that blogging is conducted publicly and openly. In addition, the User agrees that communication between visitors or between visitors and third parties, as well as files and other materials presented on the Site, are not officially approved 1ua.photos, with no files or informational messages that are permanently or temporarily placed on the Site, should not be considered as analyzed, revised or approved by 1ua.photos. 1ua.photos has the right and authority at any time to delete any files without notifying authors, licensees, or file owners. By performing the Uploading of photos to the Site, the Supplier confirms and warrants that:

• The Supplier has all the necessary copyright and related rights to this File;

• the uploaded File has never been used and will not be used by the Supplier for the creation of logos and registered trademarks, both for themselves and for third parties;

• The object that can be the author's work (author's coinage, a toy, an author's product of manual work, etc.) is not represented, or the Supplier has all the necessary permissions for the creation and subsequent commercial use of this file and the File is accompanied by copies such permissions;

• If the Provider represents the interests of the enterprise, business or group of persons, it guarantees that it has all the necessary documents for the copyright and related rights to the File, as well as the right to sell the photo for commercial use.

The User undertakes to refrain from using the Site in such a way that it may damage the LCD, violation of work or other negative consequences for other users of the Site. Also, the User undertakes not to interfere with the accounts of other users of 1ua.photos and not to attempt unauthorized access to these accounts. The user agrees to access the site's files in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Site.

1ua.photos has the right to use the Files within its own activities or activities of third parties, which is related to the issuance of licenses for the accepted Files and advertisements of the Site. The Supplier agrees that when using the photos taken for the above purposes, the Supplier will not be compensated.

Regardless of how the photo is obtained by Affiliates or Customers and the specific channels on which the Files are made available to Buyers, the fee for the sale of the photo shall be paid to the Supplier in the amount as well as at the direct purchase of the file on the Site. The fee paid to the Supplier may vary depending on a number of factors.

The size of the fee is determined by 1ua.photos without any prior notice.

By accepting this Agreement, the Supplier of the photo agrees to 1ua.photos to manage the amount of its royalty when selling the photo. The conditions and the amount of the fee to be paid are described in paragraph 7. The Supplier's fee.


1ua.photos does not control all downloads and sharing of information on the Site, and is not responsible for such exchange and communication. 1ua.photos has the right to move, remove, prohibit the publication or editing of any text message or files that 1ua.photos may consider to be in violation or allegedly breaching the terms of this Agreement, the rights of private or intellectual property or similar rights of third parties.

1ua.photos respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and requests its users to respect their respect. If the User has any reason to believe that his / her work has been copied with a copyright violation or other his / her intellectual property rights have been directly or indirectly violated, he / she must (send) the 1ua.photos application or notice the fact of such a violation.


In accordance with the purposes of this Agreement, "confidential information" means any document, software, data, information or files pertaining to the management of 1ua.photos, its employees, users, partners, licensors and licensors, or any other information that is clearly defined as confidential, including: design, business processes, business models, prices, models and development strategies, research, know-how, training developments, business secrets, personnel, methodologies, clients, materials The site that alezhat others and other intellectual property.

The Supplier understands that 1ua.photos prohibits the Loading of any photos that constitute a violation of the trademark, patent, copyright, and other similar property rights.

The User acknowledges and agrees that neither 1ua.photos nor its management, employees, employees, Partners, agents or affiliates shall be liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from intentional or accidental actions as a result of the use or inability to use any, which photos are presented on the Site.


By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the Supplier declares and warrants the following:

• The Supplier has the authority to accept this Agreement and is the author or owner of all rights to the Files, and is also able to grant all license rights to the Files and will not grant rights to Files that violate the provisions of this Agreement;

• No part of the photo uploaded to the site includes any mechanism or means of protection that prevents its use or copying;

• The provided Files do not contain malicious code, viruses, "network worms", "trojans" are not part of the ddos ​​system, do not include other mechanisms or devices that are or can be used to remove, modify, disrupt, the failure of the Site, or equipment, computer systems, or otherwise affects the availability or deterioration of the use of the photo or the Site;

• The files contain complete, sufficient and necessary supporting information for effective sales through the Website; this accompanying information is complete and accurate, does not contain false, inappropriate or contradictory meta-data;

• Files submitted to the Site are original works;

• Files and their accompanying information do not violate the copyrights, proprietary rights and other related rights of third parties.

The supplier declares and warrants that he:

• Does not license files provided in other ways (except for periodical licensing under the law for creative purposes);

• Do not license Files owned by several authors (except when Files are the property of a group of authors, which includes the Supplier, while possessing all necessary licensing rights);

• Does not license Files without all associated permission documents for the publication and distribution of these photos.

By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the Buyer declares and warrants the following:

• The Buyer may replicate and modify the Files in any known manner and on any known, currently media and guarantees the use of the photo in accordance with the acquired License.

• The copyrights to the File remain with the Supplier.

• The buyer guarantees use of the photo in a way that does not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine and generally accepted moral and ethical standards.


The deductible of the Supplier (fee) may vary and depends on the way the Purchasers or Partners purchased the photos, the channels through which the Files became available to Buyers, the size of the purchased photos and individual agreements between the 1ua.photos and the Partners. In addition, the Supplier's fee depends on the Supplier's level, which 1ua.photos assigns to the Supplier, depending on the number of his files loaded on the Site.

The deductions of the Supplier are calculated on the basis of the price paid for the File, and not from the standard price. If the Buyer has received a discount to purchase the file, the deductions for this purchase will be based on the cost paid by the Buyer, taking into account the discount, and not from the base cost of the file.

When selling a Supplier's photo through partners 1ua.photos, the deductible amount may be either standard (depending on the level of the Supplier) or individual (determined by 1ua.photos individually for each particular Partner). Depending on the country of origin of the Supplier, the information provided to him.

In accordance with the Tax Legislation of Ukraine, the Site is the tax agent of the Supplier and, upon payment of the supplier's fee, is guided by the norms and requirements of the current tax law.

The Site is not responsible for the fulfillment by the Supplier of tax liabilities, providing the Provider with information or recommendations regarding these tax obligations or a notice from the Supplier regarding changes to tax laws or tax practices.

The table below shows the size of the Supplier's Fee:

Supplier level

Purchase files by piece, % of the price of the file

Purchase Files by Subscription, UAH / pc














PRICE ot the Photo.

• The Buyer may purchase the File at the price specified by the Supplier on the Site.

• The buyer can purchase the Subscription File. The table below shows the conditions for purchasing a photo by purchasing various types of subscriptions.

Subscription:Price:Limit (Downloads)Daily limit
Commercial (Access for 14 days) 1000.00 UAH 5 5
Commercial (Access for 30 days) 5000.00 UAH 30 12
Commercial (Access for 90 days) 10000.00 UAH 110 20
Commercial (Access for 180 days) 25000.00 UAH 300 25
Commercial (Access for 270 days) 50000.00 UAH 700 50
Commercial (Access for 365 days) 100000.00 UAH 2000 75
Standard (Access for 7 days) 500.00 UAH 7 7
Standard (Access for 14 days) 2500.00 UAH 40 10
Standard (Access for 30 days) 5000.00 UAH 100 15
Standard (Access for 90 days) 15000.00 UAH 350 25
Standard (Access for 180 days) 30000.00 UAH 850 50
Standard (Access for 365 days) 50000.00 UAH 2000 75


This Agreement is valid until its termination. In order to terminate this Agreement, the User may at any time send a message or do so in writing in a manner appropriate to him that will enable the User to identify and confirm his intention to inform 1ua.photos of his wish to terminate the Agreement. 1ua.photos reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate, suspend or limit the User's right of access to all materials and resources of the Site or any part thereof at any time for any reason and without any proof or prior notice.

1ua.photos has the ability and the right to stop, terminate or modify any part of the Site or the entire Site in its entirety, its functions, resources or databases without prior notice or additional obligations.

Termination of the Agreement does not mean automatic release from the liability and obligation to reimburse the debt before 1ua.photos in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement or other obligations of the User, namely: not to use the materials of the site or other content placed on its resources in any way other than this is permitted by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which were in force at the time of such use. Upon termination of this Agreement, no rights 1ua.photos, limitation of obligations and protection of the interests envisaged by the terms of this Agreement will not be violated or diminished, and such protection of interests, restrictions and rights remain valid after the expiration of this Agreement.


This site, site content and services are provided "as is", without expressly stated, implied by law or any other representations, warranties, warranties or conditions. Site content is provided solely as user content and is not subject to mandatory verification and intervention by 1ua.photos. users use the site, its content and services at their own risk. The current 1ua.photos explicitly declares that all, without exception, assurances, warranties, warranties and conditions in any form, direct or indirect, without limitation, of the contents of the site and services, placed at any time, in including the implications of assurances, warranties, warranties and conditions of merchantability, suitability for intended use, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, accuracy, timeliness of provision of information, completeness of information, compatibility, relevance, integrity, security, confidentiality iynosti, cleanliness of property rights, practical use, suitability, quality, unrestricted use, as well as any other security that may arise in accordance with any applicable law. 1ua.photos does not associate itself with the obligations regarding the site, its content and services.

In addition, 1ua.photos also declares that it waives any assurances, warranties, warranties and conditions that:

• access to the site, its content and services will always be continuous and error-free;

• the site, its content and services will meet the expectations of the user, meet his needs and requirements or will work without interruption and error;

• the results obtained as a result of the use of the site, its content and services will be effective or reliable;

• any errors or defects of the site, its content and services will be corrected 1ua.photos;

• the site, its content and services will be permitted in any country or territory;

• the site, its content and services will not contain viruses, similar malicious or destructive programs and / or any other harmful components;

• the site, its content services will be functionally compatible with hardware and software user;

• any user-assigned content will be available on the site or stored (permanently or temporarily) in the form of site content;

• any document relating to the site, its content and services will be available at any time;

• 1ua.photos will continue to support any particular service or function of the site and its content.

In cases where any reservation or limitation of liability can not be applied, the term of validity of all applicable explicitly implied and legally provided assurances, warranties, warranties and conditions shall be limited to thirty (30) days from the date of the first use of the site, its content and user services, and no warranties apply after such period.


The User confirms that he / she understands and, without any restrictions, assumes all responsibility and risks that may arise as a result of the use of the Site.

1ua.photos, its employees, management, partners, shareholders and agents are not liable for any malfunction of any kind or termination of the work of the Site that caused the loss of business information, profit or other financial loss due to claims of any kind , losses, claims, claims or other events arising out of the operation of this agreement, as well as its jurisdiction, including as a result of site navigation, use, access to any of its files or parts thereof, as well as due to any suggestions their rights, even if 1ua.photos was warned about the theoretical possibility of such damage, regardless of whether this event or malfunction occurred as a result of encroachment on intellectual property or other property, whether it was based on the offense, negligence, breach of contractual obligations, it arose because of other similar cases and situations or not.

If the laws and regulations in force do not allow the full exclusion of liability and limitation for indirect or incidental damages, all of the above restrictions and exceptions may not apply to the User.

Final provisions.

By accessing the Site, the User confirms that, in addition to the terms of this Agreement, he / she is familiar with (and) agrees with the restrictions imposed on him / her.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Ukraine.

The User is obliged to accept and consider all necessary messages sent to him / her at the postal address provided by him / her during registration on the Site.

The User is not authorized to assign this Agreement in whole or in part and / or transfer the rights and obligations of the User under this Agreement to any third parties. 1ua.photos may freely, totally or partially assign this Agreement and / or transfer the rights and obligations of the User under this Agreement to any third party at the full and absolute discretion of 1ua.photos.

1ua.photos reserves the right at any time to make changes, additions, corrections and edits to both the Agreement as a whole and any of its parts. Such changes come into force from the moment of their publication. If the User continues to work with the Site after such changes take effect, he / she confirms their consent to them. If at any time the User is unable to comply with the following terms and conditions, he shall immediately cease to use the Site and its materials.


Vendor level

Purchase of files one by one, % from the price of file

Purchase files by subscription, UAH / pcs.

Number of photos to upload to move to the existing level




before 1000




from 1000 to 2500 photo




from 2500 to 5000 photo




5000 and more photos

* Cost change level, UAH.

Basic license.

The file can be used for personal purposes. For informational purposes as an illustration to one thematic article strictly on one domain name, in addition to electronic media. For educational purposes as an illustration during lectures or other educational activities. The file can not be used in advertising (including social advertising), marketing and other commercial purposes. There are no restrictions on the time and place of use of the file. The file can be copied for an unlimited number of times. If the person in the photo is not depicted close-up and not the main object of shooting, then the release of the model is not needed.

Standard License.

The digital file can be used in any digital product for any media and device without the possibility of resale and distribution.

The printed file can be used for packaging and labeling of goods, corporate promotional materials, outdoor advertising, advertising in printing, provided that the image is reproduced no more than 500,000 times. Also, a file can be inflicted on items without the possibility of resale and distribution.

A product that will be distributed in order to obtain commercial income is considered as a resale commodity. The product created by the customer's order is not considered a product for resale.

Commercial license.

The file can be used for personal, informational, educational, as well as advertising, marketing and other commercial purposes. There are no restrictions on the time and place and way of using the file. The file can be copied for an unlimited number of times.



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